The Highly Effective Activation Products Solaris Review

Activation Products’ Solaris Product Review

Activation Products Solaris Review:

Heart diseases are among the leading cause of death amongst Americans today. One in every 36 people of the American population issolaris suffering from heart disease at this time. If cardiovascular diseases are allowed to spread with the rapidness that it has today – heart diseases will become a major health hazard which will be next to impossible to control. Heart disease is being caused, for the most part, by an unhealthy diet. A significant number of people are currently searching for solutions to improve their cholesterol concentration and bring it down to a healthier level.

One of the most useful products being used for this purpose today is plant sterols such as Solaris by Activation Products.

Company Overview

Activation Products is a company that was formed as a result of the life experiences that Ian Clark, founder of Activation Products had to go through. At the age of just 46, Ian had to face serious health problems that didn’t seem to have an end to them. Not giving in to his circumstances, Ian traveled the world to find potent remedies and natural recipes that can uplift the health of an individual.

After years of rigorous research, Ian learned what it takes to make your body naturally capable of protecting itself. Activation Products is an avenue for Ian to share the product of his experiences with the people. Anthony Clark, Ian’s son was just 19 at the time of Ian’s health crisis. That however didn’t stop him from walking in the footsteps of his father to uncover the most effective formulas, suppliers, and recipes to support Activation Products.

Activation Products is a company made of highly capable individuals. Their team consists of internationally renowned experts hailing from countries like the U.S, Germany, Spain, and more. The founders working with these experts results in a company that is more than capable of producing some of the most effective products.

Product Overview

solarisSolaris is Plant Sterol extract which is a part of the Thriving category of products at Activation Products. This is a product that aims to synergize some of the most potent natural ingredients which are beneficial for your health. Solaris is a product made with the most potent versions of Thyme, Rosemary, Plant-Based Eugenol, Peppermint, and Clove Oil. This faultless blend of such potent ingredients which have proven themselves to be effective is one of the hottest selling plant-based products at Activation Products.

Depending on your body’s requirements, the average dose of Solaris recommended is five drops, two times daily to ensure good cellular health. Simultaneously combining this with a small glass of water every morning boosts the efficacy significantly. Solaris like other tinctures at Activation Products is available in one size of 15ml. You can however purchase 1,3 or 6 of these tinctures depending on your requirements.

How is this product sourced and tested?

One of the most critical concerns people have when buying herbal supplements or health supplements is regarding the source and lab testing of such products. As far as the source of the natural ingredients used in Solaris is concerned, Activation Products has gathered ingredients from all over the world to produce this product. The reviews of customers on this product is a testimony to the authenticity of ingredients used in Solaris.

As far as testing is concerned, Solaris is claimed to have been tested to be free of any contaminants, impurities, or heavy metals. Activation Products hasn’t however published a test result for the product on their website nor have they emphasized their testing a lot. On the other hand, they have also claimed that Solaris was tested in an American Medical University’s laboratory for its efficacy and it showed a 100% kill rate. Unfortunately, according to Activation Products, they cannot publish these findings as they are not a licensed pharmaceutical company.

Health benefits of the product

One of the best things about health supplements is that even if they are made for one purpose, the beauty of natural ingredients is as such that they make these products help with other issues as well. For instance, products made for detoxification end up boosting the immune system as well due to the natural ingredients within them being versatile.

  1. Significant boost and maintenance of your immune system to help you fight off diseases.
  2. Fortification and reinforcement of cellular health to allow for a healthier body.
  3. Natural detoxification will help your body get rid of harmful toxins from your body.
  4. Helps get rid of the brain fog which makes it difficult for you to focus and perform a task.
  5. While getting rid of the brain fog takes away the barrier which was stopping you from focusing, Solaris also directly boosts your focus and energizes you.


Pros and Cons

Activation Products is no different from another brand in the sense that it has its set of pros and cons that a buyer needs to consider. Some of these pros and cons are as follows;


  • Non-GMO product mean they are safe from any human tampering.
  • The reviews of the efficacy of Solaris are excellent which is a testimony to its quality.
  • Affordable tincture made more affordable through a 15% discount you can get from subscribing.
  • Long 60-day money-back guarantee sets Activation Product apart from the competition.


The only drawback of Solaris and Activation Products is a lack of proper information about third-party testing of the product. Such tests become especially essential as Solaris is a plant-based product which means tests for pesticides are vital. You can contact activation products at for information on third-party testing results. They are very responsive.

Final Verdict


While ambiguity surrounding lab tests is a big drawback for Solaris and Activation Products, its relevance is minimized when you look at the reviews people have left for Solaris. The reviews suggest that not only is the product safe to consume but also has an incredibly high efficacy. Simultaneously, given the life experiences of Ian Clark and the many life saving and life transforming products he provides, it seems unlikely that he would sell unsafe products to the public. I highly recommend Solaris as part of your natural health regimen. Get Your Supply Now!


To Your Health!