Perfect Colloidal Silver

Perfect Colloidal Silver technology creates the only patented and scientifically proven silver solution on the market. Perfect silver is a silver hydrosol, or silver particles dispersed in pure water. Silver, as modern science has revealed, has a lot of powerful healing properties. Perfect Silver is designed to be used daily as a supplement, with 5,000 mcg of purified silver in every bottle. Use it in your routine to stay healthy, strong, resilient and energized.


Perfect Colloidal Silver

Perfect Colloidal Silver contains a powerful solution of nano-silver particles that have been dispersed in distilled water that is pH balanced. It combines the safest form of purified silver with a non-acidic solution for maximum immune system support. The result is an advanced liquid silver protocol that you can enjoy both internally or topically. It’s great for supporting skin, digestion, and immunity. Healthy Digestion. Strong Immunity. Supports Healthy Skin. Read More About the Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver Here!

Colloidal Silver


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