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Top 10 Reasons to Kick Your Dreadful Sugar Cravings to the Curb

Reasons to Kick Your Sugar Cravings to the Curb


We all have sugar cravings. Sugar is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, but as studies show, it’s just as harmful tosugar cravings your health as drinking or smoking. If you’re wondering what’s so bad about the occasional dessert, you’ll be surprised to learn the top reasons to end your sugar addiction for good – not to mention how often sugar is in the savory foods we eat! This is one of the reasons why many are addicted to sugar and have sugar cravings. Some will argue that sugar is a toxin, and I agree. Our sugar cravings are really toxin cravings.

10 Reasons to Kick Your Sugar Cravings

Because You Want to Have Strong, Healthy Teeth

  • It’s no myth – your teeth will begin to rot over time with an excess diet of sugary foods and drinks.
  • It clings to the enamel on teeth and strips it of calcium, causing decay.
  • Have a sweet tooth? Incorporate all-natural sweeteners such as honey in your tea, or a small package of Stevia in your cup of coffee instead of the toxin.

Because You Want to Stay Slim and Trim

  • It turns into fat in your body.
  • Hundreds of studies show the connection between fructose and obesity, fatty liver disease (not caused by alcoholism), and type 2 diabetes.

For Your Heart’s Sake

  • Studies show that too many sugary foods can affect your heart due to a rise in blood glucose levels. When this happens, your blood vessels stop working as efficiently, posing a risk for heart disease.
  • Heart rate and blood pressure are affected when there is too much it in the bloodstream; monitor your daily added intake to reach no more than 9 teaspoons a day (Avoid it altogether if you can).
  • It is found in many different types of foods: dairy, bread, fruit, snacks like trail mix – even “sugar-free” products!

To Continue Losing Weightlyme disease

  • In the body, when not burned off right away, it will be stored as fat.
  • The lack of weight loss due to a high sugary diet can turn into obesity.

To Be as Healthy as Possible

  • Studies show that it causes hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating.
  • Too much can cause anxiety and lead to the blues.
  • It will jeopardize a healthy body (no matter how much exercise you’re getting!).

For Increased Energy

  • It always leads to an energy crash an hour to two hours later.
  • Avoid candy, chips (which contain a significant amount as well as salt), soda, cookies, and cake to optimize your energy and keep it level.
  • Focus on foods that are rich in nutrients and offer natural sweeteners: raw organic honey, apples, bananas, a glass of milk, or fresh-squeezed juice.

To Feel Sexier For Your Partner

  • When you feel healthy, you look healthy on the outside.
  • You will slim down as you cut out completely or reduce it significantly from your diet.
  • Becoming healthier inside and out will improve your confidence, which shows to your partner.

As a Way to Boost Your Brain Power

  • Eating it gets you hyper initially, but has the power to shut down your brain a few hours later.
  • The rush you feel initially slows endorphins in the brain, which, when released, can improve your happiness.

For a Stronger Immune System

  • Even if you’re taking in enough vitamin C, excess of this substance in your bloodstream can prevent vitamin C from doing its job, thus lowering your immune system’s resistance to fight off illness and disease.
  • It doesn’t offer any vitamins or minerals – but it often comes along with processed and chemical-engineered ingredients, which are taxing on your body.
  • Remember, anything that you put in or on your body that is not nutritious is a toxin.

You Make Healthy Living a Top Priority

  • A strong, healthy body is 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent exercise.
  • Excess sugar causes a release of dopamine, which is a hormone that gives off the sensation of pleasure. The more you eat, the more your brain craves that pleasure chemical.
  • However, it always causes a crash, when both your blood glucose and dopamine level bottom out. To truly feel your best, avoid added sugar entirely.

Final Thoughts

While avoiding sugar and sugar cravings entirely isn’t realistic for many people, eating it in moderation is or better yet, substitute with Rawraspberry 4599580 1920 Organic Honey. Pay attention to added sweeteners in the foods and drinks you consume, and learn to pick and choose what’s worth eating and what’s not for your long-term health. When you total up how much sugar you eat in a day now, you’ll no doubt be surprised by the high number!

Let that shock carry you through as you cut your sugar here and there until it is significantly below the recommended daily maximum. If you must have sugar, Organic Raw Honey, in moderation, is the best choice. Remember, highly processed sugar is a toxin. Replace your sugar cravings with natural sugar.

The moral of the story is that eating nutritiously is the best approach to living a healthy life.

To Your Health!


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