Immune Charge Throat Spray

The Potent and Effective QuickSilver Scientific Immune Charge Throat Spray Product Review

QuickSilver Scientific Immune Charge Throat Spray Product Review

The QuickSilver Scientific Immune Charge Throat Spray – One of the biggest problems people all around the world face during the winter season is influenza and sore throat. There are various health supplements designed to boost immunity so that you can recover quickly if you end up having an infection. The QuickSilver Scientific Immune Charge Throat Spray are products designed to offer immunity from seasonal challenges as well as a throat coating for added protection. The history of QuickSilver Scientific with health-based products is all about innovation in the industry and this spray is a product of that innovation.

QuickSilver Scientific Company Overview

The philosophy and mission statement that a company abides by, tells you a lot about the quality of their services and their dedicationQuickSilver Scientific towards providing the best products to the consumers. QuickSilver Scientific is a brand that is one of the only ones walking the path of combining nature and science most perfectly to create the most effective health products. While most brands make basic products, QuickSilver Scientific is an ambitious brand that is constantly trying to innovate and make their premium products even better.

Founded by Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D., QuickSilver Scientific is a brand that is led by a true expert in the field. Dr. Shade is an internationally renowned expert on detoxification through mercury and liposomal delivery systems. His work on lipid-based delivery systems for nutraceuticals is what propelled him to extend that research for the betterment of the wider population. The products sold at QuickSilver Scientific and the philosophy they abide by, all stem from the years of experience Dr. Shade has accumulated and his knowledge regarding liposomal products. As far as the ambitions of QuickSilver Scientific are concerned, even someone who doesn’t use health supplements will be convinced by them.

Product Overview: Immune Charge Throat Spray

Immune Charge Throat SprayImmune Charge Throat Spray combination product is a zinc-based concoction that is designed to provide an immunity boost and soothe the throat. This spray is made with a combination of zinc, quercetin, luteolin, and propolis. While zinc is the base element of the spray, the rest of the substances are what help increase zinc levels in the throat and the upper respiratory tract. Not only is this product perfect for seasonal exposures, it is also a perfect product to add to your regular health routine all year round.

The key aspect of this product which is the basis for its efficacy and popularity is the latest bioavailability technology used in its making. When considering the throat spray specifically, the complex bonds created by QuickSilver Scientific between zinc, quercetin, and luteolin create an ionosphere. This ionosphere is the best way to help zinc enter the cells. On the other hand, the Immune Charge+ 100ml is a potent blend of Haschberg elderberry and high doses of vitamins C, A, D, E, and K1/K2 which synergize to strengthen the natural defenses of your body.

Simultaneously, QuickSilver Scientific also utilizes its trademark Quick Delivery System in its liposomal products. This system is such that it allows for the particles in the liposomal products to have an industry-leading size of 50-100nm which allows for optimal bioavailability and maximum absorption in both of these products.

With regards to the accessibility of the Immune Charge Throat Spray combination product, you can acquire the Throat Spray in a spray bottle of the size 27ml. The Immune Charge+ 100ml on the other hand is as the name suggests, available in the quantity of 100ml.

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How are these products sourced and tested?

One of the biggest reasons for QuickSilver Scientifics’ reputation and popularity besides its premium products and quality  is their state-of-the-art production facility in Louisville, Colorado which is the site for the manufacturing of all of their products. This facility is cGMP certified which means it follows strict quality control guidelines and meets FDA standards by monitoring and controlling every turning gear of the manufacturing process.

As far as the testing itself is concerned, QuickSilver Scientifics’ pursuit of transparency has led them to carry out rigorous third-party testing.Immune Charge Throat Spray Immune Charge Throat Spray combination products are tested for a certificate of analysis,  potency, microbes, heavy metals, pesticide residues, particle sizing, and ingredient identity. You can ask them for test reports and they will be more than happy to oblige.

Health Benefits of the Immune Charge Throat Spray

  1. Substances like Quercetin in the throat spray and Vitamins C, D, A, and the Elderberry in 100ml boost your immune system. While the throat spray focuses on the throat by coating it, 100ml provides an all-around boost.
  2. Propolis in the throat spray balances the microbial environment while Vitamin C in the 100ml helps lung cells aid respiratory health.
  3. Luteolin in the throat spray supports healthy airways while Vitamin E fortifies delicate cell membranes.
  4. Both products act as antioxidants for the body and help free it from toxins.

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Pros and Cons

QuickSilver Scientific is by no means a perfect brand as realistically, it has certain flaws as well (No brand is 100% perfect). Below are the pros and cons of this brand and the Immune Charge Throat Spray combination products, although the pros far surpass any possible cons.


  • Allergen-free products tested for the top 8 allergens recognized by the FDA.
  • Non-GMO completely natural products.
  • Vegan products tested to be soy protein-free to ensure maximum mineral absorption.
  • 30-day consumer money-back guarantee to create a relationship of trust with the consumers.
  • Highly-affordable prices.


One of the only complaints consumers have had with QuickSilver Scientific products including Immune Charge Throat Spray combination product is that they are available in only singular quantities. For beginners who want the spray or 100ml in smaller quantities, this is a big hurdle as not everyone wants to buy big quantities of a product to test it. However, if you can get past the size, this is an amazing product to add to your health regimen.

Final Verdict

All-in-all it is safe to say that the Immune Charge Throat Spray combination product is one of the most best additions by QuickSilver Scientific to their collection. Not only do these products serve a real purpose and meet a real need, but they are also designed with perfection. They fulfill their purpose and the reviews on these products are a testimony to their efficacy in boosting your immune system and keeping you protected in exposure seasons. I find them to be effective, highly potent, and highly recommended.

Immune Charge Throat Spray Immune Charge Throat SprayImmune Charge Throat Spray

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