EMF Radiation

3 Natural Ways to Protect Yourself: EMF Radiation, Inflammation, and Cancer

EMF Radiation, Inflammation, and Cancer: How to Protect Yourself

EMF Radiation Overview

Is there a link between EMF Radiation and inflammation? How about EMF Radiation and Cancer?

EMF Radiation

Many people wonder what electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation could potentially do. It surrounds us in our daily world, and along with it, theories abound that EMF and cancer are related.

The good news is that there is no rock-solid evidence that EMF and cancer go hand-in-hand. More research is needed to make those claims. Still, EMF and inflammation have been linked in certain studies for oxidative stress. It might be wise to understand more about EMF radiation, where it comes from, and how to protect yourself in today’s world.

What is Electromagnetic (EMF) Radiation?

There are electric and magnetic fields all around us that come from differences in voltage and the flow of electric currents. Electromagnetic, EMF radiation comes about when the electric or magnetic field is high, EMF radiation also tends to be higher. In other words, the harder electronic equipment work, the higher radiation they emit.

Have you ever been talking on your phone or using your maps or some other app and the phone gets warm/hot and your battery ran out quickly? A lot of energy is being emitted when this happens, leading to damages to your body if the device is close to your body. This is why there is a “black label” in your phone manual warning you not to hold your phone close to your body when in operation. You didn’t know that did you? However, do cell phone users obey this warning? Do you?

There are essentially two types of radiation: Ionizing Radiation and Non-Ionizing Radiation. I will discuss these two types of electromagnetic radiation next.

What Exactly is EMF Radiation Exposure?

Every day, we use the same appliances to get through our days. We make deals with clients on our smartphones. We heat leftovers in the microwave. We turn on our laptop and connect to a Wi-Fi router. We interact with these and other appliances, each of which emits a stream of invisible energy.

That energy is EMF radiation, which also comes from the sun. As such, scientists wondered if EMF and inflammation, as well as EMF and cancer, were something with which to be concerned. EMF radiation can be low-level or non-ionizing, which is considered mild and harmless. These are the types of EMF exposures we generally get from the things we use daily (for example, microwave ovens, computers, Wi-Fi, MRIs, etc.). However, the harder these everyday devices work, the more cell and DNA damaging radiation they emit.

Another type of EMF radiation is high-level or ionizing radiation. This type comes in UV rays from the sun as well as from medical imaging machinery. With both types, the exposure decreases with the distance you put between yourself and the object emitting EMF radiation.

Is EMF Radiation Dangerous?

It depends on whom you ask when it comes to EMF radiation whether it’s safe or not. Some agencies like the WHO have found studies that show possible links between EMF and cancer.

One of the biggest studies was conducted regarding cancer cases with those using cell phones. Interestingly, they found a very loose connection that coincided with the side of the head each user would use to hold the phone. This connection wasn’t overwhelming enough though to declare EMF and cancer as definitively linked together. However, it’s probably a good idea not to carry our cell phones close to the body as warned by even the cell phone manufacturers.

What might be more valid is how a review that examined over 24 studies on EMF radiation found there may be a link between it and psychiatric as well as neurological problems. While most of the EMF radiation you’ll come into contact with is considered low enough to not pose a danger to your health, you may want to minimize your exposure.

How to Know if You’re Overexposed to EMF Radiation

EMF RadiationThe jury is still out regarding EMF and cancer, but EMF and inflammation do have some correlations. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of diseases, including cancer, so it’s wise to limit yourself and be mindful of anything that can cause inflammation.

If you’re wondering what EMF radiation can cause in the way of symptoms, you’ll likely have sleep disturbances, frequent headaches, feel fatigued, suffer from a lack of concentration, depression, itchiness, loss of appetite, and anxiety, to name a few.

As the symptoms of EMF exposure coincide with many other conditions, it’s unlikely your doctor can say EMF was the cause. More research is needed to draw those types of conclusions, however, if you do feel at all unwell, it’s wise to get a checkup.

How to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

With the research we currently have on EMF radiation, the chances of it causing any dangerous health effects are low. You can use smartphones and appliances without fear and not worry about the power lines running by your home.

High-level exposure and risks come from the sun and X-rays. It’s important to limit the X-rays you receive, only doing so for medical necessity. Keeping safe in the sun is important too. You should limit how much time you spend under the direct rays and be sure to keep your skin protected with sunscreen to avoid other problems (like skin cancer for example).

One thing experts do recommend though is loosening your reliance on your cell phone. Keeping it close to your body for prolonged periods does give you greater exposure. While they haven’t shown any ties to EMF and cancer that are conclusive, it would be wise to use the speaker function on calls, keep your phone out of your pocket, and try to embrace life the way it was before we had a tech at every turn.

3 Natural Ways to Reduce EMF Radiation Dangers

 There are many ways and simple steps you can take to limit or reduce the danger from EMFs such as keeping your phone on airplane mode when not in use, putting your phone in a faraday bag at bedtime (your alarm will still work and your phone will still ring), specialized shields for smart meters, etc. The following are 3 additional natural ways to reduce EMF Radiation Dangers.

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Do Not Keep Your Cell Phone and Electronics Close to Your Body – When you carry your cell phone close to your body like a cell phoneEMF Radiation in your pocket or bra and tablets and laptops on your lap. You can also look into radiation blocking accessories for your phone, tablets, and laptop computers.

Earthing, Earthing, Earthing – Also known as grounding, earthing can help eliminate the ambient voltage from the power source. Earthing is performed by making direct contact with the earth walking barefooted. This can be done by walking barefoot on the grass or ground.

EMF Proof Your Home – In this day and age, it may not be possible to EMF proof your home without costing you a lot of money, but there are some minor necessary steps that you can take that would help reduce the negative impact of EMFs. For example, you can avoid halogen and fluorescent lighting in your home, and you can unplug your wifi and non-essential appliances when not in use, or better yet, avoid EMFs altogether.

Final Thoughts

EMF Radiation has not been conclusively shown to link to cancer. However, it could cause inflammation, like many other things out there. Inflammation can increase your risk for chronic illnesses, such as cancer. While you don’t need to be afraid to make a phone call, you should keep an eye on your habits and put a little distance between yourself and these emissions.

Additionally, having a diet rich with super nutrients and Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) food can provide great benefits in helping you reduce the negative effects of EMF Radiation. These foods and nutrients include Vitamin D3, Pomegranate Seeds, Rosemary, Broccoli, Asparagus, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Spirulina, Noni, Cilantro, and Walnuts, to name a few. Incorporate these into your daily diet for optimal health and healing.

To Your Best Health!

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