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Coffee Enema Detox: 13 Benefits of Detoxing the Body of Harmful Toxins and Healing from Deadly Cancer


OVERVIEW: Coffee Enema Detoxcoffee enema detox

A popular, all-natural option for removing harmful substances from the body is a coffee enema detox. One of the leading causes of illnesses, including cancers, comes from the toxins that build up in your body. Many consumers prefer an all-natural cleanse to rid their bodies of potentially harmful substances, improve health, and reduce illness, and the coffee enema detox is a certainly a great remedy and protocol for optimal healing.

What is a Coffee Enema Detox?

The coffee enema isn’t new. In the early 1900s, Max Gerson, a German doctor searching to help patients heal from cancer, devised the first known coffee enema. He believed that the key to curing cancer was to detox the body and use nutrients to allow the body to recover naturally.

The Gerson Therapy1 included a mixture of brewed, caffeinated coffee and water inserted in the rectum to the colon. This procedure is believed to directly stimulate bile flow and activate glutathione production, a detoxifying antioxidant.

There is more to Gerson Therapy than using a coffee enema detox to heal from cancer.  Patients need to pay attention to a strict, healthy, and clean diet of organic fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to replace toxins with all-natural foods.

Toxins that Cause Cancer

Research regarding toxic substances is ongoing. Each varies by the level of toxicity. The full list is extensive2.

The most common3 include:

  • Tobacco (has over 70 cancer-causing substances, and secondhand exposure is harmful)
  • Asbestos
  • Radon
  • Formaldehyde
  • Arsenic in drinking water
  • Alcohol
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Pollution containing trace metals, such as aluminum, iron, steel, and other contaminants
  • Engine exhaust
  • Coal and coal tar
  • Rubber and latex production

Many people are exposed to toxins through industrial jobs and living in areas where there are chemical production facilities.

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Benefits of Coffee Enema Detox

Other than an excellent complementary treatment to help people heal from cancer, the coffee colon cleanse offers a few potential benefits.

  • Boost immunity naturally
  • Cleansing the live
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Helping with cellular regeneration
  • Improving gut health
  • Improving low energy levels and moods
  • Increases antioxidants activity
  • Improves detoxification
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve constipation
  • Improve weight loss
  • Remove heavy metals from the body

Research also shows the complementary treatment provides relief for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A 2016 study4 with 18 participants found,

“Colonic irrigation with ACIA is safe and can improve abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea associated with IBS. Patients were more satisfied with their bowel movements and found their symptoms were less disturbing.”

coffee enema detoxThe caffeinated colon cleansing substance may be an alternative to typical laxatives. Before a colon screening, patients use a mixture of laxatives and liquids to clean the small and large intestines’ walls for polyps, inflammation, and other issues. The cleaner the area, the easier it is for physicians to catch problems that can lead to cancer.

Studies have found that a coffee enema may provide greater clarity than traditional methods with laxatives. A 2014 study5 in the Clinical Nutrition Research journal determined,

“Coffee enemas administered for small bowel preparation before VCE is feasible and may improve visual disturbance caused by bile in distal small bowel VCE images.”

Always check with your physician before choosing an alternative colon cleanse product before a surgical procedure.

The Coffee Enema Detox: How Does it Work?

The coffee enema detox to heal from cancer is a type of colon cleanse. Also known as the large intestine, it absorbs toxins that enter your body. Also known as colonic irrigation, the procedure stimulates an enzyme in the colon6. Glutathione S-Transferase opens up the bile duct in the liver and improves food breakdown and digestion. Research shows the enzyme may play a role in cancer treatment. This process also helps clean the area, removing excess toxins, and promotes wellness.

How to Use a Coffee Enema Detoxcoffee enema detox

The procedure takes less than an hour. You choose the flow and temperature. Colonic irrigation requires placing an enema device into your rectum. About two tablespoons of coffee and 16 gallons of water pass through the bowels, cleansing the small and large intestines through the process.

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To begin, place a towel or two on the floor in your bathroom7. You can also use the bathtub if it’s easier. When the coffee’s at room temperature, pour it into the enema bag. You’ll need to set a timer for 15 minutes to hold the liquid inside. When your time is up, squeeze to hold the coffee in, remove the hose, and move to the toilet to evacuate the bowels.

Coffee Enema Detox Dangers and Side Effects

It is an inherent belief by some that the gut or bowel should be able to eliminate waste and bacterial from the body without help. The reason for this is that some believe that interfering with this elimination process could cause side effects. For this reason, some healthcare professionals, especially mainstream health professionals, believe hat coffee enema detox may not be necessary for optimal digestive or gut health.

When performing the coffee enema detox, it is very important to follow instructions, go slow, and use copious amounts of lubricants. It is also very important that you cool and strain the coffee well before use to avoid irritation and burns.

coffee enema detox

In terms of side effects and dangers, research8 concluded that coffee enema detox is safe and that most patients who use this protocol to treat digestive or gut health dysfunctions showed no significant adverse effects. People using the coffee enema detox don’t experience side effects or complication. However, some people may experience the following side effects or dangers from implementing the coffee enema detox. These side effects may include, dehydration (you should drink a lot of fluids when doing this protocol), electrolyte imbalance (consider taking electrolyte supplements), and tears in the colon, if the protocol is performed incorrectly or too frequently.

The coffee enema detox may be dangerous for those with allergic reactions to coffee, children, pregnant and nursing women due to caffeine sensitivity.

With that said, it is highly recommended that first time users of the coffee enema detox use this protocol under supervision or guidance of a certified healthcare professional. However, some people do feel comfortable completing this process on their own.  These dangers and side effects should be considered and ruled out before implementing the coffee enema detox.


The world is full of dangerous toxins that you inhale, absorb, and ingest regularly. Too many people choose to rely on pharmaceuticals and other manufactured treatments to feel better, only to end up sick again. You can add natural remedies that have been used for years to heal your body from within, such as the coffee enema detox. Help your body heal from cancer and other debilitating conditions with all-organic, homeopathic solutions.


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