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Leaky Gut and the Immune System: Learn How They’re Truly Related and Impact Your Health

Leaky Gut and the Immune System: How They’re Related and Impact Your Health


Leaky Gut Syndrome is decimating the heath and lives of many across the globe. Over the last decade, research has found a fascinating link between gut health and immunity. The gut functions as a second brain, proving that your gut instincts are far more than just some old wives’ tale.

Understanding the gut microbiome and how it regulates your entire body from the way your brain functions to your immunity will help you make improvements to your lifestyle to heal leaky gut and the immune system.

What is a Leaky Gut Anyway?leaky gut

When your digestive system is working properly in the intestines, there is a tight barrier formed in the intestinal lining. It has full control over what gets absorbed into your bloodstream. But if you have a leaky gut, the lining develops holes and cracks that let little bits of partially-digested foods, toxins, and pathogens get through the tissues underneath it.

Leaky gut and the immune system are directly intertwined as these holes allow inflammation to take place. A leaky gut also impacts a healthy digestive system, destroying the good bacteria that is there to help maintain homeostasis. This can cause chronic diseases to develop and leave you vulnerable to many illnesses.

Why Leaky Gut Happens

The typical diet most Americans consume can contribute to leaky gut and harm your immune system. When you have leaky gut, your body isn’t getting the essential nutrients it needs for a healthy lifestyle. Diets full of sugar and processed foods destroy the balance of healthy bacteria in your intestines. So too can taking too many antibiotics, hormones, anti-inflammatories, and acid blockers to manage other conditions. You may notice the telltale signs such as IBS, chronic inflammation, and depression. Left unchecked, you could wind up with heart disease or certain types of cancer.


Who is at Risk for Leaky Gut?

While you’ll need a proper diagnosis from your doctor, having a leaky gut is typically brought on by inflammatory foods and medicines. Gluten, toxins, and infections are also to blame, explaining much of what leaky gut and the immune system troubles are always seen together.

If you have certain conditions, you might want to try repairing your leaky gut. Things like digestive problems (such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea), asthma, seasonal allergies, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, candida overgrowth, or arthritis and joint pain are all related to leaky gut. See your doctor, and in the meantime, you can try an elimination diet to see if your symptoms subside.


How to Heal Leaky Gut

If you want to take care of leaky gut and have a healthy digestive system, you’ll have to eat gut health foods that have been shown to heal leaky gut. One of the best things you can do is consume plenty of probiotics which help balance the digestive system. They also help improve your immunity, something you definitely need more help with in today’s day and age.

leaky gutHowever, gut health involves more than simply taking in probiotics. You have to eat the right foods to nourish that good bacteria in your gut while starving off the bad bacteria. The simple way to do this is by eating natural forms of fiber. Seek out fiber-rich foods which can fuel that good gut bacteria, helping them prosper to keep your digestive and immune systems balanced and healthy.

Foods that naturally contain the fiber you need are apples, broccoli, bananas, beans, avocados, garlic, lentils, kale, spinach, cabbage, seeds, olives, olive oil, and nuts, just to name a few. Loading up on these healthy fiber-filled foods will help you heal your leaky gut.

But that’s not all. Fermented and cultured foods are where you can find natural probiotics to help get this balance started. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus along with other strains of good gut bacteria. Branch out and try things like kimchi, naturally-fermented sauerkraut (always from the refrigerated section), tempeh, and unsweetened kefir too. It is advisable that you take necessary steps to strengthen and restore your gut lining with ION* Gut Health.

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What Foods to Avoid to Keep Leaky Gut Away

Just as you should be eating certain foods to get rid of leaky gut and have a healthy digestive system and improved immunity, there are certain foods you need to stay away from. Eating them can immediately destroy your best efforts for maintaining your health.

That means you should say “no” to processed foods, sugars, refined grains, and refined fats and oils. You should also seek out more natural methods for resolution when you have a headache rather than popping OTC anti-inflammatories every time. If you’re on any prescriptions medications to manage hormones, birth control, or anything else, you should discuss other options with your doctor.

Help Your Gut Microbiome

For those of you on medications or when leaky gut seems to be out of control, it might help to take both prebiotics and probiotics in supplement form. Prebiotics nourish the good bacteria and the probiotics help repopulate the gut microbiome to restore balance.

The first step though is getting rid of the bad microbes and sealing your gut back up. Then the good microbes can get things back to a proper balance once again. Eating fiber and prebiotics will certainly help.

Additionally, it’s important to be cautious with all the antibacterial products around us. Especially with the pandemic, hand sanitizer is everywhere. While necessary, you’ll have to focus on your gut health and immunity in other ways. Sleep enough and keep your stress minimized. It can’t hurt to adopt other healthy measures such as a well-balanced eating plan, prayer/meditation, and exercise too. Below is how your gut microbiome is damaged and how you can strengthen your gut with ION*Gut Health!

Help Your Gut Lining(Video)

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Final Thoughts

Leaky gut impacts your immune system and digestive system too. By resolving this issue, you will see a major improvement in your overall health. While a doctor needs to diagnose it, if you have any of the conditions described above, you’ll likely benefit from giving your diet a healthy overhaul and working to rebalance your gut’s natural microbiome. You can heal your gut and live your best healthy life today. I am rooting for you.

To Your Best Health!

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