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Food Quality over Food Quantity

Food Quality over Food Quantity

Overview: Food Quality Over Food Quantity

vegetables 752153 1920When you eat for healthy living and fat loss, one thing that you’ll need to be thinking about is food quality over food quantity. One big mistake is placing all your focus on hitting daily calorie targets without thinking about the types of foods you’re eating to get there. Counting calories doesn’t work if the quality of the food is poor. As a matter of fact, it is not so much about the caloric intake but much more about the nutritional value of what we eat. When the food we eat is nutritionally dense, our bodies benefit greatly.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the numbers since your calorie intake will dictate which direction your bodyweight moves. However, this is only one aspect of what makes a well-balanced eating plan (I don’t necessarily like the word “diet” because if you remove the “t”  from the of the word diet, what you have is “die.”) I emphasize a well-balanced nutritionally dense eating plan.

Always focus on food quality over food quantity for optimal health, healing, and results. Reminding yourself of this can help to boost your motivation to eat right as you work toward your healthy living goals.


Food Quality Over Food Quantity Details

  • Food quality establishes how you feel. If you aren’t eating nutrient-dense foods, you’ll feel less energized throughout the day.
  • Food quality establishes your nutritional intake. Vitamins and minerals will be found in abundance in high-quality and nutritionally dense whole foods, but not in low-quality, highly processed foods.
  • High-quality, nutritionally dense whole foods provide more fiber. This helps to keep you feeling satisfied with your eating plan and maintaining the plan.
  • High-quality nutritionally dense whole foods offer health benefits such as reducing the risk of disease, diabetes, and cancer, among other major illnesses.
  • Food quality prevents muscle mass loss. If you eat low-quality foods, you’ll be burning up muscle while you maintain your body fat – the opposite of what you want!
  • You’ll perform better during exercise. A high-quality diet will provide a cleaner source of fuel for your workout sessions.
  • You’ll eat more natural foods. A high-quality diet will reduce your intake of additives and preservatives, which can cause long-term health problems.
  • You’ll look and feel younger. Eating high-quality foods will keep your skin looking healthy, bright, and clear.
  • You’ll burn fat faster. Food quality will dictate whether or not your metabolism plummets as you implement your eating plan.
  • You’ll be more productive. Foods high in quality enhance mental clarity, processing, and concentration.
  • You’ll control blood sugar levels. Eating foods higher in quality will mean better-stabilized blood sugar levels, reducing the chance of suffering a crash at any point throughout the day.
  • An eating plan high in quality food teaches you how to make superior nutritional decisions as you go about your day.
  • A high-quality eating plan promotes natural weight loss. You won’t have to count calories as often, and increasing your overall health will be that much easier.

 Final Thoughts

So, there you have the primary reasons why high food quality is an important consideration. Pay attention to this as you go about setting upfood quality your eating plan, and you will see the optimal rate of success. Switching your focus to food quality when making meal decisions will also set you up for long-term weight maintenance. As always, I highly recommend all-natural Non-GMO organically grown whole foods and nuts, grass-fed/grass-finished, and free-range meats. If you need a starting point, check out our friends from Sunburst Superfoods (Receive 15% Off on your Purchase. Use Code: SBNEW15).

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To Your Health!

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