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The Healing Power of Essential Oils: 4 Incredible Benefits

The Healing Power of Essential Oils


The term “essential oils” is more than likely familiar to anyone who believes in the healing power of natural medicines[1]. In the botanical world, essential oils refer to any substances that originate from plants, such as roots, stems, flowers, bark, etc. Many essential oils can be used as cosmetics and for healing. Some examples are eucalyptus, chamomile, frankincense, lemongrass, lavender, and more. Even depression and anxiety have been treated with some essential oils.essential oils

Aside from smelling wonderful, essential oils are powerful antispasmodics, treat fungal infections, and improve sleep. Herbal extracts are concentrated versions of plants. For medicinal, recreational, and industrial purposes, the “essence” of plants is extracted by distillation.

The choice of essential oils is wide. A pleasant aroma distinguishes some of them. Many claim that it has powerful healing abilities. However, you should be aware of their potential side effects.

Healing Properties of Essential Oils

More and more people are becoming interested in essential oils. Are you aware of why? We have been ravaged by modern lifestyles and chemical exposure for over a century now. We have been exposed to viruses and bacteria that compromise our immunity and health, causing us to turn to nature, where it heals us! It is only recently that modern science is discovering the benefits and uses of essential oils. [2]

In addition to becoming a digital media sensation, essential oils have become an extremely important source of health awareness. We are convinced that these oils can do wonders when used properly after reading stories of people who have started using them.

To overcome any health issue, essential oil or any other natural treatment methods require time. In contrast to modern medicines, this treatment improves the body and repairs cells instead of suppressing the true causes of disease. In conclusion, if you seek the benefits of these oils, you must be patient and persistent to reap the rewards. The path to good health is never a shortcut.

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Aromatherapy and folk medicine far and wide involve the use of essential oils. The science of today confirms many of the claims made about them thousands of years ago, including:

  • Reduced anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be managed with essential oil in aromatherapy. As an example, scientists found that inhaling 2.5, 5, or 10 drops of orange oil reduced the anxiety of male volunteers. Initial results were promising, but more research is needed.

  • Asthma/Fungal Infections

Researchers have reported promising results for tea tree oil’s antimicrobial properties. Before, it was used in the treatment of athlete’s foot, oral thrush, and fungi, such as candida. A further study is necessary again.

  • An aid to sleeping

This relaxing oil promotes better sleep through its relaxing aroma. Using older adults with dementia as test subjects, researchers evaluated this claim. As a result, they could significantly prolong their slumber time and wake up feeling more refreshed the following morning by sprinkling the essential oil around their pillows.

  • Infection Prevention

Antioxidant properties are often associated with essential oils. By protecting cells from free radical damage, antioxidants reduce cell damage. Serious diseases such as cancer can result from this damage. Researchers are looking into ways to make food more antioxidant-rich and prolonged in shelf life by adding essential oils.

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Essential oils for external use

Through the skin, inhalation, or consumption, essential oils enter our bodies in various ways. As essential oils penetrate the bloodstream after 20 minutes of application, they work faster than pills because they are scientifically proven and clinically tested. Traditional medicine is digested and works through digestion, whereas these oils work directly in the blood. Applied to the skin, what we apply can be absorbed and circulated in our veins. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and its most important receptor for external influences. Due to the variety of essential oilsbenefits essential oils provide to humans in so many ways, essential oils have become extremely popular in recent years.

It is advisable not to apply essential oils directly to the skin since they are volatile. For thins choosing the right carrier oil which is organically extracted is the ideal thing to do. Various carriers oils exist, including jojoba, olive, coconut, almond, and apricot.

Adding essential oils to your favorite carrier oil will help keep your body healthy. You can also add them to chemical-free or safe lotions, creams, or shampoos. If possible, pick an organically extracted carrier oil for these products and spritz it in a spray bottle.

The inhalation of essential oils

We are attracted to pleasing fragrances by nature; most essential oils recovered from flowers are aromatic; however, not all essential oils are pleasant to smell or inhale.

An essential oil, which has a pleasant fragrance, is inhaled for relaxation, for treating insomnia, uplifting mood, combating depression and anxiety, boosting memory, balancing hormones, and reducing stress, among other uses.

A fetor’s malodor sense is activated when an essential oil is inhaled, which helps stimulate the brain quickly. The limbic system and the

essential oils

emotional brain are closely related, so essential oils are considered fast-acting.

This part of your brain is directly linked to emotions, stress, heart rate, memory, blood pressure, and the respiratory system. The brain responds to smell strongly because of this. The use of certain smells related to an event or even a person can help recover or restore many human emotions or memories.


As a whole, essential oils are natural, safe, and help the mind and body. It is still important to pay attention to your body when using any therapy; some may be sensitive to certain oils.

There are many safe uses for essential oils. Can replace chemical air fresheners containing hazardous chemicals with these oils. You can use it safely and chemically free as a disinfectant, mood enhancer, sleep aid, and what have you.

It is also very important and highly recommended to you purchase your oil from a reputable source. You must make sure to verify the extraction process as well as how the plant used for the oil is grown. You should opt for organic whenever possible, and ask manufactures for lab tests to ensure it authentic 100% pure and therapeutic grade.

Getting the right oils for your purpose is as simple as researching and understanding the essential oil. Moderation and supervision are the keys when taking it. In case of any medical conditions, speak with your therapist.


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