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The Terrific and Well Tested QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 Product Review

The Terrific and Well Tested QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 Product Review

Product Review Overview

QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 – The process of optimizing your health and setting yourself on the path to lead a healthy life requires more effort from your end than you think. You cannot expect to use one health supplement and become a symbol of health. For a healthy lifestyle, your body needs to intake various nutrients such as different vitamins and minerals. The QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 is a product designed to give you a strong dose of Vitamins D3 and K2 as the name suggests.

Company Overview

QuickSilver Scientific

QuickSilver Scientific is a pioneer of the health supplement industry and their dedication towards expanding their business and innovating their products has all the right ambitions behind it. With a mission of combining science and nature to provide the best possible health products, QuickSilver Scientific is one of the only brands in the industry which is constantly trying to innovate and improve its products. Their philosophy and the path they choose make it clear that this business is not a money-making scheme for them, rather their driving force is to help people lead healthier lives.

One of the reasons why QuickSilver Scientific is one of the most authentic health supplement brands is the fact that its founder is an expert in the field of liposomes first and a businessman later. Dr. Christopher Shade has a Ph.D. and is internationally renowned for his work in mercury detoxification and liposomal delivery systems. The Mercury Tri-Test used by QuickSilver Scientific is one of the most unique characteristics of the brand. This test involves samples of hair, blood, and urine to determine the mercury burden on the body and the prospects of eliminating it.

All-in-all, QuickSilver Scientific as a company has all the right ambitions and the drive to continuously innovate its products and services. The QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 is one such innovation.

Product Overview

As the name suggests the QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 is designed to be a source of Vitamins D and K. With 2500 IU of D3 and bioactive K2 as key components for this product, the bone supporting and immunity-boosting effects of the product are amplified. This amplification occurs because vitamins D and K when consumed together, complement each other, and minimize the risk of supplementing Vitamin D alone.

Another vital aspect of all of the company’s  products including the the QuickSilver D3K2, uses their trademark Liposomal Quick Delivery System. Years of research have gone into developing a delivery system that offers the unsurpassed bioavailability and absorption rates of these products. The QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 Liposomes have a size of 50nm to 100nm, the best you can get in the liposome industry. This small size of particles is what allows for these liposomes to be absorbed as soon as they touch your tongue. As far as bioavailability and absorption are concerned, there is no brand in the industry that can compete with QuickSilver Scientific.

The QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 is available in a 50ml bottle and priced between $45.00 to $50.00. As per the instructions, one pump of D3K2 is to be consumed one to two times every day. Before swallowing, however, it is to be kept in your mouth for at least 30 seconds.

How are these products sourced and tested?

QuickSilver Scientific has always had a no-compromise policy when it comes to the quality of its products. To support this mission, they have pulled all the stops when it comes to the production of these products. With raw materials sourced from all around the world, all of their

quicksilver scientific D3K3

products are manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility in Louisville, Colorado. The facility is so well-equipped that it is also used to produce products for other top-tier brands in the nutraceutical industry. It is a cGMP-certified facility; hence it employs strict quality-control protocols and follows the guidelines set out by the FDA to ensure safety and quality production of products.

Another important consideration for many consumers when buying any health supplements is with regards to third-party lab tests. All products from QuickSilver Scientific including the D3K2 go through rigorous tests t. ensure their flawlessness. These tests include; certificates of analysis, heavy metals tests, potency tests, microbial tests, pesticide residue tests, particle sizing tests, and ingredient identity tests. You can easily access these test reports by contacting QuickSilver Scientific.

Health Benefits of QuickSilver Scientific D3K2

When it comes to health supplements there are a variety of health benefits you can accrue from just one of them as different nutrients help your body in different ways. Some of them are as follows;

  1. Vitamin K guides Vitamin D into the bones, which reduces harmful deposits in arteries, kidneys, and soft tissues.
  2. This product is one of the best ones to strengthen your bones.
  3. Boosts immunity and maintains it to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Helps uplift arterial health and the mood of users.IG D3K2 1080sq 100x100 1

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Pros and Cons

Like any product or brand, the QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 also has its set of pros and cons. Some of them are as follows;


  • The vegetarian product was also tested to be gluten-free.
  • Free of soy protein that inhibits mineral absorption.
  • Free of the top 8 allergens recognized by the FDA.
  • Enhanced bioavailability.
  • Can be used during intermittent fasting without breaking the fast


QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 is a product that doesn’t have any reviews on the product website at the time of this review. However, the product was verified for efficacy and safety. Additionally, the price of the D3K2 may be a concern for some, making it less appealing to them, but this is a premium product that is worth every penny. I use this product personally.

Final Verdict

Research has confirmed the incredible health benefits of Vitamin D, especially when used in combination with Vitamin K2. It helps to improve your immune system, strong bones, and overall health. The QuickSilver Scientific D3K2 is a unique but effective product you can use to supplement your health and help you achieve optimal health. It is made with the same dedication as all of the other QuickSilver Scientific products which means there will not be a significant disparity in their quality. The product is also safe: free of allergens, gluten-free, and extremely bioavailable. Get Your Bottle Today.quicksilver scientific d3k2

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