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The 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Filter Your Household Water

5 Important Reasons To Filter Your Household Water

 Filter your Household Water Overview

filter your household waterWhy you should filter your household water? – We all know the importance of drinking good clean water for healing and optimal health. Drinking good clean water has many benefits, and some of these benefits include enabling our bodies to properly disperse nutrients throughout our body, helping to maintain proper cardiovascular health and immune system function, balance our electrolytes, and even supports our digestive health.

With all these amazing benefits, there are many who are dehydrate because of the overconsumption of carbonated beverages, sugary fruit juices, etc. and the lack of drinking adequate amount of water that is used sufficiently by our bodies.

Additionally, for convenience, many are drinking bottled water that is often contaminated with chemicals and microbes. I recently wrote about the danger of drinking bottled water here. Remember, a lot of the bottled water that people consume is actually TAP WATER! You Read That’s Right. Research has shown that approximately 40-50% of bottled water is really filtered TAP WATER. The Environmental Working Group tested several bottled waters and found that some of the toxins found in tap water and 36 other harmful pollutants are hidden in bottled water. Since bottled water is more dangerous to drink, it is important to avoid it altogether and opt to filter your household water.

Why It’s So Important to Filter your Household Water

Do you know what’s in the water that comes out of your tap? Even though it runs clear, there could be countless toxins in every sip. Waterfilter your household waterfiltration is something everyone should think about for many reasons from health to the environment. Whether you choose tap water filtration by installing a special system or whole house water filtration or you use a water filter pitcher, you’ll soon see why this small change has big results. Household tap water contain many contaminants including:

Fluoride – Fluoride is a well-known toxin that can increase your risk of cavities and can cause a wide range of health problems that includes the weakening of your immune system and damaging your cells resulting in accelerated aging when consumed in large amount. Consider that the average person consumes large amounts of fluoride through their toothpaste and tap water throughout their lives.

Think about it – it they put a black label warning on your toothpaste and asked you to call a poison control center if accidentally swallowed, do you really think it’s good for you? But this toxin is in most tap water and must be filtered. To effectively filter your household water, fluorine can best be filter when using specialized Bone Char Carbon Filters.

Prescription and OTC Drugs – There are many who dispose of their unused prescription drugs into the toilet, and there are those who throw their unused prescription and OTC drugs in the trash, which eventually will end up in our “drinking” water. You should know that water that drains through landfills often leeches into a city’s water supply, resulting in tap water contamination. With prescription and OTC drug use on the rise, you should filter your household water.

Aluminum and disinfection Byproduct – The aluminum found in the municipal water supply can cause health problems including liver disease, skin problems, learning disabilities in children, and there have even been links to Parkinson’s disease and risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and as mentioned before, most municipal waters are treated with Disinfection Byproducts such as chlorine which can cause many health problems including cancer, kidney, and liver issues. I cannot recommend enough how important it is to filter your household water.

To give you an idea of the condition of our household water before filtration, take a look at my pre and post filter from a whole house water filter:filter your household waterfilter your household water

The Pre-filter: the municipal water goes through this pre-filter before being filtered by my carbon and bone char fluoride filter after just 6 months.filter your household water

The Post-filter: the fully filtered water goes through this post-filter before being distributed throughout the house after just 6 months.filter your household water

The Pre and Post Filter: after just 6 months –  This Could Be What You Are Drinking if you don’t filter your household water.

filter your household water

 5 Benefits of Tap Water Filtration

While Flint, Michigan is surely the most notorious place with contaminated water woes in the country, the water coming out of your faucets doesn’t need to be brown to do you harm. Filter your household water and you’ll discover many benefits.

Say goodbye to the chemicals and contaminants

Water filtration nabs up the particles of various chemicals and keeps them from winding up in your glass. Things such as lead, aluminum, Cryptosporidium, and arsenic can all be in your water. Arsenic is one of the most troubling as it is a carcinogenic component, something that can increase your risk of developing several types of cancer. Meanwhile, Cryptosporidium can cause diarrhea and make you sick. With tap water filtration in place, you won’t have to worry about the water you drink harming rather than helping your health.

You’ll absorb nutrients better

filter your tap water

With tap water filtration, you’ll drink more of it without ingesting those nasty chemicals and toxins. Without those things gumming up the works, your body will be better able to absorb the nutrients you give it. You’ll enjoy better health overall, plus with every glass you drink, you’ll speed up your metabolism which is great if you’re trying to lose weight.

Your skin will look healthier too

Because it’s the largest organ of your body, your skin will soon reveal the healthier change it’s going through when you filter household water. Because water filtration leads to tastier water, you’ll be more inclined to drink it up. As you do, your skin and all the other organs in your body will be flushed from toxins, giving you a clearer and more beautiful complexion.

Even cooking with it will taste better

When you cook with water from the tap, if that water isn’t filtered, you’re still getting other contaminants in your meals. Removing these unwanted extras via tap water filtration helps it taste better and allows for healthier meals. You’ll notice the difference even with boiled water for a cup of tea!

It’s so much better for the environment (and you, too!)

filter your household water

If you habitually drink bottled water, it’s time to trade up for a water filtration system. Making this small change can minimize your exposure to plastic which leaks into the water you drink from those seemingly convenient bottles. You’re better off getting a safe refillable water bottle and filling it up with your tap water filtration system.

Additionally, the more filtered water you drink, the fewer plastic bottles you’re throwing into the environment. Even if you recycle, by cutting down on the amount of plastic used, you’re doing good things for the world. When plastic bottles aren’t in demand, this cuts down on greenhouse emissions and reduces the carbon footprint.

A simple water filtration system added to your tap under your sink or even by way of a refillable filtered pitcher are the best ways to help clean up your health and the environment in one fell swoop. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend you filter your household water into a glass bottle container instead of a plastic bottle. You can even filter your household water at the point of use like the shower.

One Last Reason to Filter Your Household Water

When you filter your household water, it works out to be cheaper in the long run. Bottled water costs significantly more over time than it does to buy a tap water filtration system. Because there are so many ways to filter water safely from your tap, you can choose the one that is most economical for you. In doing so, you’re getting the best water that is free of toxins and chemicals, all for much less.

Final Thoughts

When you use water filtration methods, you’re giving yourself and those you love a line to better health through cleaner water. Filtered water doesn’t contain those contaminants, costs less, and doesn’t create the same kind of waste as bottled water. As you can see from the pictures above, under no circumstance should you EVER EVER EVER drink water from your tap without filtration. Water makes about about 60% of your body (a human adult body). Don’t you want to make sure the water you put in your body is clean and healing? Improve your health and the environment and filter your household water starting today!

filter your household water


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