Cancer: 9 Excellent and Healing Essentials Oil Remedies for Fighting Cancer

Cancer: 9 Excellent and Healing Essentials Oil Remedies for Fighting Cancer


Does essential oils help fight cancer? Cancer is a global problem now. There is more to it than just poor urbanites suffering from it. This deadly disease affects both rural and urban populations alike. They are exposed to more habits like smoking, eating unwholesome foods, and living in a poor hygiene standard. In addition, they don’t recognize how they put themselves in danger of contracting these diseases. cancer

People smoke in urban areas and rural areas, but those in rural areas use more harmful means, such as cigarettes. While working with them on the field, they come into contact with pesticides and insecticides. Using these chemicals without taking precautions is not even an option because they are unaware of how dangerous they are. Therefore, cheaper medicines are more vital when dealing with illnesses like this. These days, cancer treatment is costly and not always available to the poor.

Furthermore, the most expensive treatments are ultimately rendered ineffective, which is why new medications are continually being developed to combat this devastating disease. Another critical point is that chemotherapy is widely considered the most effective treatment, but it has substantial side effects and is rarely approved by patients. Many of the people who die from this devastating disease die from the effects of the harsh medications received. As a Lymphoma survivor, I can attest to the devastation caused by this disease and the endless negative effects of the modern-day treatments.

The fact remains that plant-based medicines are being explored extensively throughout the world. It isn’t just that they have been tried now but that some of the best chemotherapeutic drugs have been derived from plants only. Thus, plants always served as one of the most important natural sources of medicine. Our diet structure includes many anticancer agents that seem to be highly intelligently planned for our everyday lives.

What is Cancer?

cancerCancer is essentially an uncontrolled cell division that results in abnormal cell growth. There are many causes of this deadly disease including, poor diet, environmental toxins, stress, poor digestion, viral infections, and genetics to name a few. New research is discovering that this disease may be a metabolic disease much like diabetes. However, the popular and acceptable cause of this disease, in mainstream medicine, is still seen genetics with environmental factors as contributing factors. Additionally, there’s now evidence that this disease is also cause by excessive inflammation in the body.

With over 7.6 million people dying from this disease every year, many of the acceptable treatments today include chemotherapy and radiation treatment (I received both with my ordeal with Lymphoma) as well as surgery. However, there are certain natural remedies, food, and herbs that have been shown through extensive research to support effective treatment without damaging adverse events. Below are some of the most effective Essential Oils to effectively support a treatment protocol for this deadly disease.

 The Best Essential Oils for Preventing Cancer

  • Rose Essential Oils (Rosa damascene)

Rosa damascene, in scientific terms, belongs to the Rosaceae family. There are several countries in which it is found, including Bulgaria and India. Attar of roses or rose essence is a common name for the essential oil extracted from roses. Steam distillation and solvent extraction can both be used to remove the essential oil from rose petals.

Most roses sold in shops are Rosa damascena mill L. Compounds such as this one has been shown to possess the following properties: antitussive, anti-HIV, anti-oxidant, antibacterial, hypnotic, anti-diabetic, and a laxative for the trachea. There are many pharmacological functions of phenols found in roses, such as anti-oxidants, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-free radicals.

  • Ginger Essential Oils (Zingiber officinale)

Zingiber officinale, also called ginger, is in the Zingiberaceae family. Chinese and Indian producers are significant producers of this product. The ketones present in the oil give it a spicy scent. Ginger essential oil is extracted from ginger’s oily resin, containing various bioactive components, and it has been known for many years to prevent joint inflammation and destroy cartilage.

The ginger essential oil was studied for its cytotoxicity to cancerous cells in the breast, human lung carcinoma cells, and human prostate cancer cells. However, cytotoxic effects did not follow on the cancer cell line. According to studies, ginger oil kills endometrial cancer cells effectively.

  • Basil Essential Oils (Ocimum basilicum)

It is native to Iran and India and belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It contains eugenol, isoeugenol, and linalool as its main components. Compounds inhibit the growth of cell lines in murine mesangial cells by inhibiting proliferation induced by PDGF or tumor necrosis factor.

  • Frankincense Essential Oil

This oil has been used for various medicinal purposes. The anticancer effects of frankincense appear to outweigh the net consequences of chemotherapy, which combusts both cancerous and non-cancerous cells. Numerous medicinal purposes have been attributed to this oil.

Compared to chemotherapy, which simultaneously attacks cancerous and non-cancerous cells, research suggests that frankincense kills cancerous cells while promoting health and longevity among neighboring non-cancerous cells. This essential oil acts as an anti-mutagen and an anti-apoptotic agent. The research results have also revealed that not only does frankincense have anti-tumor properties, but it is also helpful in making chemotherapy more bearable.

  • Lavender Essential Oilcancer

Oils are not only great for preventing cancer, but they’re also great for preventing several other illnesses. The anti-oxidant properties of lavender have been noted for many years, and its ability to reverse free-radical damage has been proven to be high. A wide variety of problems may result from free radical damage, including chronic illness and cancer.

According to a study published in Romanian journals, lavender essential oils contain powerful anti-oxidant properties and, when inhaled, their effects can be strong and beneficial against scopolamine.

In conclusion, lavender essential oils’ anti-oxidant and antiapoptotic properties contribute to their protective effect against scopolamine-induced oxidative stress in rats.” can lead to severe health problems and cancer.

  • Lemongrass Essential Oil

In 2009, a study was published evaluating the in vitro (outside the body) cytotoxicity (toxic to living cells) of lemongrass essential oil against twelve different cancerous cell lines, as well as its in vivo (inside the body) anticancer effects on mice. Researchers discovered that Lemongrass oil kills cancer lines through a variety of mechanisms.

As indicated by electron microscopy, the oil produces an apoptotic (programmed cell death) process that reduces the viability of tumor cells.

There have been numerous studies both on animals and on humans. Research is still ongoing, and it is unclear how beneficial essential oils will be in preventing and treating cancer and minimizing the effects of cancer treatment.

  • Myrrh Essential Oil

One 2013 research discovered that Myrrh essential oils have an anticancer effect and have been shown to cause high cancerous cell deaths. Myrrh essential oil is known to have inhibitory effects on cancerous cell growth, helping to suppress the growth of tumor cells.

  • Orange Essential Oil

In 2010, a study was conducted and found that orange essential oil is effective in stopping the growth of lung and colon cancer cells as a result of its flavonoid antioxidants. Orange Essential Oil has been shown to have chemo-protective properties because of its primary compound limonene.

  • Turmeric Essential Oil

A 2013 Study has shown that turmeric contains the compounds turmerone and curcumin and has been shown to help fight breast and colon cancer and leukemia.

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Natural Essential Oil Home Remedy

 Note: Please consult your medical professional before implementing the following remedy.


Mix 2-3 drops of frankincense essential oil, 1-2 drops myrrh essential oil, 1-2 drops of turmeric essential oil with sweet almond oil or jojoba oil and use topically or diffuse them as a beneficial protocol for cancer.

There has been some research that indicates that essential oils can be taken internally. However, I strongly advise against taking essential oils internally unless they are food grade and 100% organic. They should also be mixed with oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil. Never take essential oils “neat” or without dilution.

Word of Caution

Some of the essential oils above can have negative effects on some users. Specifically, women who are pregnant or nursing should not use the above essential oils without consultation with a health professional.

Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, perform a patch test on a small area of your body before applying liberally. Those who are allergic to any of the essential oils above should refrain some implementing the above oils or remedies. Avoid immediate exposure to sunlight if the orange essential oil is applied to the skin as sunlight exposure may result in hypersensitivity of the skin.

Final Thoughts

The essential oils do a lot more than smell good. A growing body of literature supports vital oils to support cancer patients physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

From the information above, it seems that the ingredients in our diet have been carefully selected, as they have therapeutic benefits in large numbers. Can treat many diseases with diet and daily use components all over the world. Several herbs and plants, as mentioned earlier, can not only fight the disease but also have various traditional and medicinal uses.

The possibility that these traditionally used herbs might work as better anticancer drugs is being investigated as we must find more options. There seems to be some similarity between the target molecules and pathways in herbal medicines used today. It’s time to focus on mechanisms of action.

To Your Health!


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