Raw Marine Phytoplankton

The Amazing Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton Review

Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton Review

Marine Phytoplankton Overview

Marine Phytoplankton (Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton) is the superfood of the new age. It is 100% natural and has a brilliant array of associated benefits. Moreover, phytoplankton can be used to tackle the nutrition crisis of the new generation because it is a great source of dietary requirements of your body.

Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton

Raw Marine Phytoplankton has been responsible for fulfilling the nutrition requirements of aquatic organisms since ancient times. It is now being introduced into the botanical and superfood industry so that its nutritional benefits can be availed by humans as well. However, it is extremely difficult to pick out the best phytoplankton in the market. This part is where we come in – with Activation Products’ amazing Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton.

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Company Overview: Activation Products

Every great brand should have a story and the same is true about Activation Products. Ian Clark and Anthony Clark, the father and son duo, are the powerhouses behind this brand. They believe in the healing power of nature and make sure that they are providing the best superfoods and botanicals to their clientele. Ian Clark started this brand when he came to know about the brilliant healing power of nature.

When Ian was 46, he had to power his way out of several life-threatening conditions. When modern medication couldn’t give him back his health, Ian turned to natural botanicals and superfoods. He created Activation Products intending to share what he had found with the world.

The team of the brand has learned international personnel who are involved in ensuring that the customers get nothing but the best from Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton and Activation Products.

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Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton Product Overview

Raw Marine Phytoplankton is found throughout the world’s oceans and has many amazing benefits. People are turning to phytoplankton as in the current day and age; the global food crisis has made it difficult for people to have their nutrition requirements fulfilled. Marine Phytoplankton has also been hailed as the “super superfood” because it has benefits ranging from detoxification and cleansing to helping with lethargy and procrastination.

Oceans Alive marine phytoplankton The Activation Products’ Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton has been made from two carefully selected and screened strains of phytoplankton. The strains have been selected based on their compatibility as well as the associated benefits that we get from them. The Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton has been cultured and grown in a photo-bioreactor. These vessels help in culturing several organisms because it is a closed system and can ensure that no contamination takes place.

The brand does not support the use of artificial ingredients and ensures that their Marine Phytoplankton is completely free from any artificial preservatives or artificial heating/cooling mechanisms. They use a natural method of stabilization to keep their Marine Phytoplankton from showing unnecessary reactivity or destabilization. It is rich in dietary factors, and this ensures amazing health of the customers.

How are these products sourced and tested?

The Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton from Activation Products has been manufactured under the most careful conditions. This superfood needs optimum conditions to grow properly and for this reason; everything from temperature, Ph, airflow etc. is strictly controlledoceans alive marine phytoplankton. Many poor brands culture their phytoplankton in open tanks, ponds and even small water bodies. In this way, the rate of contamination becomes very high.

However, Activation Products Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton is raw, wild and pure. It is completely free from all contaminants as Activation Products ensures that their Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton has been cultured and manufactured in a closed photo-bioreactor. The conditions of the bioreactor are kept optimal and are constantly monitored. This method ensures that no contamination of any kind occurs.

No artificial flavor enhancers or enzymes are used to manufacture this product. The culture medium contains only saltwater and phytoplankton. CO2 and sunlight exacerbate the growth of the plankton. Oceans Alive Phytoplankton is the result of a 90-day cycle involving strict conditions and extreme attention to detail. This ensures that the small bottle you get is the best phytoplankton you will ever buy.

As far as lab tests are concerned, there is no claim of an independent test on their website. This can be a big downside for the vendor, but customer reviews suggest that their products are safe nonetheless.

Oceans Alive Marine Raw Phytoplankton Health Benefits

There are many health benefits that you get from the use of this product. The Activation Products’ Oceans Alive Raw Marine Phytoplankton is rich in antioxidants, trace minerals, carotenoids, beta-carotene, chlorophylls etc. These nutrients have many associated benefits. Some of the more prevalent ones include:

  • The antioxidants, along with the trace minerals present in the Phytoplankton help in giving a boost of energy and productivity to you. This also allows it to work as a mood booster, helping you stay happy and energized all day.
  • The antioxidants work to cleanse the body of any waste materials present in the body. It also detoxifies your organ system. This not only helps your internal body organs but also makes your skin glow and age slower.
  • This product has several trace minerals in good quantity. These minerals help in maintaining the circulatory system of the body. Moreover, it allows your hormonal and ionic balance to stay within healthy levels.
  • It makes your digestive system work better by ridding it of impurities and also bettering your appetite.


The pros of buying this product include:

  • There are many payment options as well as shipping options available to provide more ease to the customer.OceansAliveBanner
  • It has a subscription package which allows you to have a specific amount of the product every month. In this way, you can make the phytoplankton a part of your daily routine and never run out.
  • Every dropper of the Marine Phytoplankton is rich with the superfood. It is not diluted and is a potent and strong source of nutrients. Every dropper has 300mg of raw phytoplankton that your body needs.
  • The brand appreciates criticism to make their services better. They also have a customer care team if you have any queries regarding the product.


One of the only cons of this product is the slightly high price tag. There are much cheaper superfood alternatives available in the market. However, if you compare the price with the quality of the product being sold by the brand – you conclude that it is an amazing buy. Simultaneously a lack of lab-test claim can also be a problem for a lot of potential consumers.

Final Verdict

Phytoplankton is, undoubtedly, the superfood of the future. However, several things can go wrong if you are buying from a bad brand. Activation Products’ Raw Marine Phytoplankton is an amazing product that has been created with elegance and attention. Place your order today and enjoy this brilliant gift of the oceans and get free shipping!