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Marine Phytoplankton Benefits – 8 Amazing Benefits and Uses

Marine Phytoplankton Benefits—8 Amazing Benefits and Uses

King of Superfoods – Marine Phytoplankton Overview

Phytoplankton, or marine Phytoplankton is known as the Jewel of the ocean. Why not? After all, it is hundred times more powerful than micro-algae like Chlorella and Spirulina, and it is recognized widely for its numerous health benefits.

Amazing source of vital nutrients and minerals

Marine Phytoplankton benefits include being a wonderful source of Chlorophyll, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, amino acids, carotenoids, omega 3 fatty acids, EPA, nucleic acids, minerals, and COQ 9. Being one of the potent superfoods, it is an essential buMarine Phytoplankton Benefitsndle of nutrients wholly bioavailable to your body in a safe manner. So, give your life a much-desired kick of energy and power with Phytoplankton, an indispensable ingredient for your health.

Due to its growth in pure salty water of ocean, it has a wide range of minerals and nutritional components which are quite rare to find. This seaweed has been nurturing and providing nourishment to marine life for almost billions of years. So, don’t go by its foul-taste. This nasty-tasting wonder source of countless benefits is a must-have to let your health thrive with energy and immunity.

If all this is not sufficient, here are some other bounties of Phytoplankton to make you compelled to say ‘awesome’. It is free from the hazards accompanying marine and other life forms including fish or meat-based health ingredients since it is quite low on the food cycle.

Feeling curious to discover the astonishing marine Phytoplankton benefits for your overall health? Let us dive deeper and find out what this micro single-cell creature has in store for us.

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Spectacular and incredible Marine Phytoplankton Benefits

  • Unparalleled source of energy—Want to become energetic? Include marine Phytoplankton in your daily diet. Yes, it may prove to be a sure-shot source of plentiful energy to one and all. Moreover, it can help to curb fatigue and sluggishness, thereby making you a vibrant and zestful entity. It works instantly, i.e. within a short span of just 20 minutes of consuming it.marine phytoplankton benefits

As per the highly popular raw food advocate and David Wolfe, marine phytoplankton benefits are many and provides “vital life force at the mitochondrial level of energy production.” Wolfe, who is also the author of several best sellers on longevity and nutrition, is all praises for the super nutrition called Phytoplankton.

  • Wonder supplement to get radiant skin —Thanks to its alkalizing and anti-inflammatory qualities, coupled with high amount of EFA, marine Phytoplankton benefits includes incredible blessings for your skin. It also helps in providing a relief in chronic skin problems including eczema and psoriasis.
  • Aids digestion, promotes immunity and liver—Do you suffer from digestive issues? Start taking marine phytoplankton to get relief. It does not rely on the liver or digestive system for processing as it gets absorbed on a cellular level. Known for containing immunity system boosters like vitamin E, beta-carotene, alanine, and bioflavonoids, it brings significant improvement in antibodies to fight with diseases and infection.
  • Potential anti-cancer properties–Derived from two Greek words phyto and planktos, i.e. plant and wandering, phytoplankton has antioxidant properties that may have great potential in having anti-cancer
  • Significant improvement in depression symptoms—This plant-based supplement can be a significant mood lifter and also help in controlling depression.
  • Aids cardiovascular functioning — As per a nutrition clinical practitioner and a registered holistic nutrition consultant Wendy McCallum, phytoplankton is a houseful of vitamins and omega fatty acids. And these can provide a vital support for a healthy cardiovascular functioning.
  • Regeneration of healthy cells—Strengthening of cell membranes along with cellular regeneration is yet another benefit of consuming marine phytoplankton. As per a renowned nutritionist Lauren Feingold, “consumption of a high quality of phytoplankton triggers the body to create and regenerate healthy cells”.
  • A powerful anti-inflammatory—Considered to be the richest source of SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase), a dynamic antioxidant enzyme; it coordinates with the systems of the body and the naturally occurring antioxidants to control possible contamination and toxicity.

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Additionally, here’s what science tells us about the great benefits of this amazing superfood called Marine Phytoplankton:

  • It increases endonuclease enzymes to fix DNA damageMarine Phytoplankton Benefits
  • It is an immune system enhancer, especially after it is weakened by antibiotics
  • It makes iron more available
  • Its phycocyanin stimulates hematopoiesis, which builds your blood cells
  • Can reduce AGE, or Advanced Glycosylated End Products, which are toxic metabolites resulting from consuming refined sugars.
  • It decreases nephrotoxicity
  •  It treats flu viruses
  • It helps treat the Herpes Simplex
  • It helps to build your blood

Final Thoughts

So, marine phytoplankton can be said to be most nutritious sole element that can be used by you every day as a health and wellbeing supplement. Don’t forget to take your daily quota of one teaspoon. You can buy Raw Marine Phytoplankton from one of the best manufacturers, Activation Products, here!

Say cheers to the many benefits of the powerful superfood named Phytoplankton!!!  


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