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The 6 Amazing Magnesium Benefits and Uses

Magnesium—Benefits and Uses

Magenesium Overview

Magnesium benefits are excellent! Magnesium is considered to be highly significant to the function of our body. It is instrumental in stabilizing blood pressure, maintaining steady heart rhythm, regulating blood sugar levels and nerve functioning, making DNA, protein, and your bones strong and healthy.

Getting sufficient amounts of this wonderful mineral can help in prevention or treatment of Alzheimer’s, stroke, and migraines apart from heart ailments, diabetes (type-2), and even certain types of cancers. It is used by the body for several vital processes and more than 300 biochemical reactions in the human body are dependent on it. The fact is that every single cell in your body includes magnesium and requires it to work properly.

Now the question is exactly how much magnesium does your body require on an average. Well, it depends directly on your age and your gender. Nonetheless, women, on an average, require between 310-320 mg of magnesium every day while their male counterparts need between 400-420 mg of this highly essential nutrient to stay healthy.

Pregnant women have a requirement of 350-360mg of magnesium daily. As for children, the advised daily intake is between 30-240 mg each day depending on the age of your child.

Your body depends on magnesium for generating energy. So, you have to include foods and beverages that provide you with the optimum amounts of this indispensable mineral. Of course, you can include magnesium supplements to balance your recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Are you getting sufficient magnesium?

Majority of Americans are not getting the requisite or recommended amounts of magnesium in their daily diet. And this has led to several critical health issues including diabetes, heart ailments, and osteoporosis. All these serious implications are the result of increased inflammation levels in the body due to deficiency of magnesium.

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How to get magnesium benefits from natural foods?

Following are the good food sources of magnesium—magnesium benefits

  • Sprouted seeds (pistachios, almonds, etc.);
  • Green and leafy vegetables(including spinach);
  • Peas, beans, and soybeans;

However, while consuming the above mentioned foods, you should opt for whole foods.

Now let us consider the magnesium benefits

  • Maintain cardiovascular health—Magnesium is of great significance in maintaining your cardiovascular health. Several researches are clear evidence to this fact. As per a recent study findings, deficiency of this essential mineral can make you vulnerable to cardiovascular ailments.

 Here is another clue to the life-saving role of magnesium. Magnesium intake after a heart attack can help in lowering the mortality risk in an individual. Moreover, arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm) can also be curbed by using magnesium to treat CHF (congestive heart failure).

  • Control Type 2 Diabetes—This ‘master commander’ of your body aids against Type 2 Diabetes. This becomes possible as magnesium helps in insulin metabolism and control of glucose levels in the body. As magnesium insufficiency can lead to poor insulin resistance, so, make sure to include sufficient amount of magnesium in your diet. It will help in reducing the probability of getting type 2 diabetes.

 You also need to be wary that low magnesium levels could also be the result of worse insulin resistance. Meanwhile, research is already underway to know if magnesium supplements can benefit those already suffering from type 2 diabetes.

  • Lower blood pressure— Magnesium helps in controlling your blood pressure, several studies reveal. The findings of the studies show that consuming 450 mg daily helps in noticeable decline in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Squeeze Depression—Since magnesium has a direct role in functioning of your brain and mood, insufficient magnesium levels can put a person on a higher risk of depression and mental illness. Moreover, it may also help in curbing depression.
  • Smash inflammation–Chronic inflammation, which is often caused by lower levels of magnesium, has a direct role in obesity, chronic disease, and aging. So, say yes to magnesium-rich foods like dark chocolate and fatty fish to control inflammation.

Consider these Magnesium Benefits: Magnesium supplements may play a considerable role in controlling CRP, and several other inflammation markers in aged, obese, and those suffering from pre-diabetes.

  • Crush migraines—Migraines are stimulated by constriction of blood vessels in our brain. And insufficient magnesium levels have a direct role in causing migraines. So, to reduce and finally get rid of migraines, all you may need to do is consuming between 400-500 mg of magnesium daily (after consultation with your doctor).

Final Thoughts

With so many magnesium benefits for our body, we should get our daily intake of this wonder mineral from foods containing dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals to boost our health. However, supplementation is necessary because many of the food we consume daily are depleted of magnesium. ===>You can find one of the best magnesium supplements here.


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