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The Highly Effective Ion Biome Gut Health Review

Ion Biome Gut Health Review


Over the past few years, scientists have discovered the importance of gut health and how you can maintain it through microbiome and immune support. Our all-natural gut-strengthening and brain-boosting supplement provide the protection your body needs to keep toxins and unwelcome particles out of your bloodstream.

Microbiome and Immune Support with Ion Biome Gut Health

Ion Gut Health is ideal for adults, kits, and even pets. Derived from 60-million-year-old soil, it helps support your digestive health from the ground up. The mineral supplement strengthens your internal functions to protect itself from everyion biome gut health day toxins.

Gut health involves your digestive function and the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. When the area is healthy, it can fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Scientists have also discovered the gut communicates with the brain to maintain symmetry. Without this stability, illness can flourish. Signs that you need help with toxin and allergen protection include:

  • Bloating
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Trouble swallowing food
  • Jaundice

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About Ion Biome Gut Health

Founded in 2012, Ion Biome’s founders, Zach Bush MD, William Vitalis, and Dr. John Gildea, learned about the ancient soil. Vitalis, an esoteric scientist, discovered the scientific articles and did a deep dive into the ancient-soil-derived carbon molecules along with the two doctors. The team was determined to develop a safe and effective gut health supplement. Soon they launched RESTORE, which was the gut health product’s original name. Two years later, the gut strengthening, and brain-boosting formula gained global attention as an all-natural gut health supplement. As of 2020, Ion Gut Health is recommended by over 1,500 international healthcare practitioners.

What is the Ion Biome Gut Health Supplement?

Ion Biome Gut Health offers natural support for your gut barrier to maintain communication channels between your microbiome and body functions. When functioning correctly, essential nutrients can pass through the wall, into your bloodstream, and to the systems that need them for wellness.

The supplement isn’t a nutrient. It’s a signaling product that helps the brain and gut talk, improve cell longevity, and tighten the junctions that protect the barrier. These seals have been weakening slowly with the introduction of environmental issues, such as processed foods and overuse of antibiotics, including in our food. The principle active ingredient is Terrahydrite. Research shows the component is responsible for supporting the tight junctions.

ION Biome Gut Health Fun Facts:

ion biome gut health

Humanity is facing a global crisis with pesticides, antibiotics, disease outbreaks, and environmental pollutants working against our mental and physical health. ION*Biome’s gut-strengthening, soil-derived supplement goes beyond probiotics to help your microbiome flourish on its own, the natural way. ION*Gut Health supports your body via redox signaling to rebuild the gut lining and maintain tight junction integrity for proper barrier support. This function creates a domino effect of good health, promoting immune function, mental clarity, and respiratory and digestive wellness. Put simply, ION*Gut Health helps you thrive!

What to Know:

  • ION*Gut Health strengthens tight junctions (the gut’s unsung heroes).
  • 70% of the immune system resides in the gut lining; thus, when the gut lining is compromised, the immune system is compromised. Gut health is immune health.
  • Take approximately one tsp before each meal; ION*Gut Health supports the gut best when acting as a shield against gluten, glyphosate, and other environmental invaders.
  • ION*Sinus is an important part of the ION*Biome product line and helps to support the microbiome at the start of the gut, which is actually in the sinuses (fun fact!).

ION*Biome goes beyond other supplements to support your wellbeing at a foundational level. By laying those building blocks with ION*Gut Health, you aren’t just supplementing, you’re supporting.

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Safe, Effective, & Quality-Tested

As a science-based company, we pride ourselves on only offering safe and effective products. Ion Gut Health has comprehensive research showing our formula is non-toxic on sensitive kidney cells with all dosages. Our studies also confirm the supplement increases cell longevity.

We use a controlled manufacturing process that adheres to all current Good Manufacturing Practices. Each batch goes through strict testing for heavy metals, bacterial contamination, and other foreign components. Additionally, Ion Gut Health is vegan and gluten-, dairy-, soy-, latex, sulfite, preservative-, and certified glyphosate-free. The gut-strengthening and brain-boosting supplement is also manufactured in a facility free from allergens, including peanuts and nut products.

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ion biome gut health

Pros & Cons of Ion Biome Gut Health

Many products offer pros and cons, and Ion Biome, Gut Health supplements, have both. While you can’t deny the benefits of maintaining the proper gastrointestinal function, some consumers experience mild side effects. The most common include temporary constipation.

These often subside, and consumers can reduce these responses by increasing hydration. Other users have found relief with a daily herbal tea. We also offer alternative dosing options for sensitive individuals using our gut strengthening and brain-boosting supplement.

Ion Biome Gut Health: Final Verdict

It’s clear the positive body response and wellness boost from Ion Biome Gut Health outweigh the mild side effects. The toxin and allergen protection our Ion Biome Gut Health offers is ideal for fighting everyday exposure to toxic substances, such as glyphosate, gluten, and other foreign particles. By blocking the bad and allowing the essential nutrients to pass through to the bloodstream, your gut is happier, and in return, so are you.

Grab Your Ion Gut Health from the ION Biome website Today! Your Gut and Brain will Thank you for it.

ion biome gut health

To Your Health!

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