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Our Holiday Sales and Promos – 9 Amazing Sales and Discounts This Holiday Season

Holidays Discounts, Sales, and Promos of Optimal Remedies


sales and promos

Holiday Sales and Promos – We live in tough economic times today, and the price of everything is getting expensive every day. With food and energy prices rising day after day, it is becoming more and more difficult to take control of our health, eat the right foods, or take safe supplements. With the holiday season around the corner, you may be stressed trying to figure all of this out. If you are like me, you could use a little help and relief.

To help all of us ease the burden on our wallets and purses, I decided to compile a list of natural health companies and products that I support. These companies are having sales this holiday season, so take advantage of these promotions to stock up or try out products that you haven’t used. I will update this list throughout the holiday season as I find more companies that I trust with sales. Here we go…

 Holiday Sales and Promos For Optimal Remedies

Batanaful Be Natural Products

Batanaful is redefining the hair and skincare market with the miracle ingredient: Batana Oil.sales and promos

If you have not heard of Batana Oil, you are in for a treat.  This oil is found deep in the tropical rainforest of Honduras and is known as Tawira or “the people of beautiful hair” for hundreds of years. Batana oil is also known as the “miracle oil,” and is known to keep the hair long, strong, and shiny.

Batana oil is known to be perfect for all hair types and is clinically proven to penetrate the hair’s shaft by repairing and locking in moisture. People worldwide can vouch for Batana oil’s ability to transform dry, dull, flat, or thinning hair into thick, shiny, and locks.

Batana oil is also known for being an excellent skin emollient. This oil sooths, softens, and hydrates dry, itchy, and rough skin. Batana oil help to fade scars and stretch marks, one of the many reasons why is it called a “miracle oil.”

Try Batana Oil today and use code OPTIMALHEALING for 10% Off your purchase.

Activation Products Sales and Promos

At Activation Products, the mission is to use natural methods and products to boost the health of consumers. With a team made up of experts from all around the world including Canada, the USA, Germany, Spain, Greece, and Australia, Ian and Clark are constantly developing better and better products to make it easier for consumers to lead a healthier life.

Perfect Press Seed Oils are a top seller at Activation Products and, for good reason. This product line consists of several organic products that are formulated from various seeds and herbal components. As different products are focused on providing different effects, the health benefits you can accrue from them also vary. Some of the health benefits of the Perfect Press Seed Oils are as follows:

  1. The nutrients in these products such as various Vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats will give your immunity a significant boost.
  2. Products like the Five Seed Blend will also improve your bone health and give you thicker and fuller hair as well as clearer skin.
  3. Amaranth Oil and products similar to it are extremely beneficial for your heart as they support a healthy heart and enhance the metabolism of fat.
  4. Simultaneously, products such as Black Cumin Oil will also support healthy gut bacteria and keep your liver healthy.
  5. Similar to the Five Seed Blend, products like Milk Thistle Oil will not only improve your skin and hair but also lower your LDL cholesterol levels.

Sales and Promos

25% OFF STOREWIDE SALE!+ 33% off Health BundlesPromotional period:  November 21st @ 7am – December 2nd @ 11:59pm

sales and promossales and promos

Berkey Water Filtration System Sales and Promos

Berkey Water Filtration Systems are an amazing piece of equipment for every home. It is gravity powered and does not need electricity for filtering the water. This not only saves power but also is ideal in cases of natural disasters or power outages. Furthermore, it is freestanding and does not occupy a lot of space. The company ensures that Berkey Water Filtration Systems do not employ chemicals like chlorine to aid the purification process. The chlorination of water can cause deleterious effects in the long run. The purification done by Berkey Water Filtration Systems is completely free from chemicals and is at par with the industry guidelines.

Sales and Promos

sales and promos

Billy’s Infinity Greens Sales and Promos

Give the gift of Health

The line features some of the best superfood products from this brand. This company has purposefully designed this line keeping in mind the benefits that come from the ingredients. Every product in this line is made of 28 different, unique, and highly potent superfoods that ensure amazing benefits. The line comprises three products that include Infinity Green capsules, Infinity Green Powder, and Infinity Green Bars.

The line also has a few bundles available on sale to facilitate the purchases of the customers. Billie Merritt’s Infinity Green product line is 100% vegan friendly to increase customer acceptability. Moreover, the brand believes in nature’s potency and uses only raw organic ingredients.

Bringing you the purest & most health-enhancing superfoods in the world!

Sales and Promos

No Sales at the Moment

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Cooks Venture Sales and Promos

Cooks Venture is a true example of individuals setting out to solve a problem that they have encountered. Matthew Wadiak and his team could not find ethically produced meat that is premised on regenerative farming which is why they set out to become farmers to solve this problem themselves.

Sales and Promos

FREE 2lb Bag of Chicken Nuggets with First Order at! Use Code FREENUGGETS22 (Valid 11/15-12/15)

cooks venture products sales and promos sales and promos

Global Healing Sales and Promos

Global Healing is an organic and natural health supplement company that takes a holistic approach to producing its supplements. Global Healing’s Organic Hemp Extract is one of the up-and-comers in the hemp extract market, and the company is taking the cannabis industry by storm with its highly effective CBD product. Founded by Dr. Edward F. Group in 1998, Global Healing has always been a company designed to help people. The philosophy of Dr. Group supports the use of organic and natural elements to heal the body.

Sales and Promos

sales and promos

Nesa’s Hemp Sales and Promos

 Stop Taking Dead CBD!

Meet The World’s First Living Full-Spectrum Beyond Organic CBDA Hemp Extract


Your body came equipped with an endocannabinoid system (ECS) – discovered by medical researchers in 1992. The ECS plays a role in sleep, mood, brain function and so much more. The job of the ECS is to keep your body in an ideal state of operation.

Rediscover your best self with the purest living hemp extract.

Nesas Hemp – the secret to feeling great naturally. Nesa’s Hemp has what’s missing in other products. Shift from symptom-based CBD products to whole-body revitalization and experience the GOLD STANDARD: the world’s FIRST living hemp extract. Nesa’s Hemp is the one with the heartbeat in the bottle! Free Shipping in the USA!

Order Your Bottle Today!

Sales and Promos

No Sales at the Moment

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SaunaSpace Sales and Promos

There are many reasons to buy a Zero EMF NIR Sauna from Sauna Space. A few minutes raises your cell temperature by 3℉ and starts the cellular detoxification response.

What does this mean? The increase in the heat for a few minutes helps your body detox and heal itself. We encounter toxins in every environment. Chemical herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and molds are responsible for many chronic illnesses that severely impact wellness.

Common conditions these toxins can cause include:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Hormone issues
  • Weight loss resistance
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating

Sales and Promos

SaunaSpace is having a Black Friday Sale! Here are the details: 15% off Sitewide, 11/24 @ 4pm CST thru 11/25 midnight CST 20% off Faraday Infrared Saunas |No Coupon Code Necessary | *All sale events end @ 11:59pm CST of the final sale day.

sales and promos

sales and promos

Truly Free Laundry System Sales and Promos

The World’s BEST Non-Toxic Laundry System

The signature Non-Toxic Laundry System is infused with a beautiful blend of essential oils for aromatherapy you can wear! With our refillable laundry detergent jugs and mix-at-home refill packets, it’s easy to stock up on your favorite laundry products while saving time, money, and space in your laundry closet. Plus, with every refill, you’re helping cut down on unnecessary plastic waste in our environment.

Sales and Promos

sales and promossales and promos

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Sales and Promos

Xtrema has a vast selection of 100% safe and pure ceramic cookware, including Skillets, Saucepans, Stockpots, and more. This cookware is all designed to be safe when used at low and medium-high temperatures. Simultaneously, they are also safe to be used in dishwashers or microwaves. On the contrary, if you are using ceramic-coated metal pans or even Teflon ones, you will not get the same safety level.

The ceramic coating used on these metal pans is bonded with them by synthetic bonding materials such as PFOA. These materials are known to cause cancer and other critical health-related issues. This is one of the reasons why you should switch to 100% Pure Ceramic Cookware and take advantage of the Sales!

Sales and Promos

Viori Sales and Promos

The Viori shampoo and conditioner bars are the best-selling products from the company currently. For many people, the concept of hair being damaged with age is something that they have accepted as a natural phenomenon. However, the shampoo and conditioner bars promise that not to be true. Using ingredients picked directly from the earth and mother nature, the brand has created a vast range of Viori shampoo and conditioner bars that will leave you feeling like you just bathed in nature itself.

Sales and Promos


All-New Holiday Bundles – Save up to 38%

sales and promos


These sales and promos are not exhaustive by any means, but I hope you find these companies and products helpful in taking control of your health and doing something every day to heal your body. Thank you for making a health investment in yourself, supporting these companies, and supporting us.

“Do something every day that heals your body.”


For natural and healing remedies, products, and supplements to help you live your most optimal healthy life, visit our store here!

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Remember:  Own Your Health!


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To Your health!

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