7 Amazing Health Benefits of Iodine

Overview: The Wonder Mineral

Iodine, also known as mineral X, is an important mineral for your body.  Your body needs it to work properly and cannot produce it on its own. So, you just need to consume it as a supplement or in your diet.

This mineral is present in foods, but it can become hard to detect its amount in them. It’s present in foods such as dairy, seaweed, and fish. To achieve an adequate dietary intake, most people need to consume enriched salts regularly or take supplements. supplementation is probably route if you don’t get from your diet.

iodineYour thyroid needs this mineral to produce essential hormones for metabolism because iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism. It means that your thyroid is not functioning well, leading to fertility problems, joint pain, and fatigue.

This mineral is also essential for young children and pregnant women because it also plays an important role in proper brain and bone development.

Some people consume this mineral from food, but some consume it through supplements to avoid being deficient.

Pregnant women need to consume iodine in a diet just enough to regulate hormones and successful fetal development. If you are deficient, then your doctor may recommend supplementation.

Benefits of Iodine

These are 7 amazing benefits health benefits of this amazing mineral:

Improves Cognitive Function

Do you know the main cause of brain damage in childhood? It’s iodine deficiency.

This mineral has neurological benefits that may also extend to good brain development during childhood. Even some trials examined the effect of supplementation and cognitive performance in schoolchildren. The results were equivocal, so consider supplementation and make sure you are taking enough (1).

Helps Treat Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Medications and supplements of iodine can help treat fibrocystic breast disease. This condition is most common in women who are in their reproductive age, which can cause painful non-cancerous lumps in their breasts.

Although it is possible that iodine can help with fibrocystic breast cysts, don’t attempt self-treatment; only consume iodine in this condition when your doctor recommended you because you could be at risk of iodine toxicity (2).

Used To Treat Infectionsiodine

This incredible mineral is used in a liquid form to treat and prevent infections. It kills bacteria in and around scrapes and mild cuts.

When used topically, it should not be used to treat newborn babies and for deep cuts, burns, or animal bites. Follow your doctor’s directions on the packaging, and don’t use it for more than 10 days unless your doctor directs it.

Helps in Development during Pregnancy

Do you know how important it is to consume proper iodine for women who are pregnant? It is essential to develop the brain of babies properly.

Researches have shown that babies whose mothers didn’t consume proper iodine during their pregnancy days are more likely to have lower IQs and intellectual delays than babies whose mothers consumed enough iodine during pregnancy (3).

New breastfeeding mothers have higher iodine requirements because they supply their minerals to their babies through breast milk. If the mother is getting enough iodine, the child will also get proper iodine for brain development.

Promotes Thyroid Healthiodine

Mineral X is vital for thyroid health. This gland is located at the base of the front of your neck, which helps regulate hormone production. These hormones are very important because they control your heart health, metabolism, and more.

To produce thyroid hormones, the thyroid this mineral in small amounts. If you don’t get enough of this mineral, thyroid hormone production can decrease. An underactive or low thyroid gland can lead a person towards a condition called hypothyroidism.

You can also consume proper iodine from your diet by eating fortified foods, saltwater fish, and dairy products. Plant foods that thrive in naturally mineral-rich soil also contain this mineral. You can also add this mineral by seasoning your diet with iodized salt.

While the mineral is beneficial to thyroid health, too much of it can be harmful to the thyroid gland. As a result, again, you should only take iodine supplements if your doctor recommends them.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency include:

  • Constipation
  • Enlarged thyroid
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty thinking
  • Sensitivity to cold

Some salts are labeled as “iodized” because they are mixed with iodine.  Including some iodized salt in your regular diet can help your thyroid function properly! Salts of this type are highly processed, so you should opt for Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt and use supplementation.

Improves Birth Weight

This amazing mineral during pregnancy is linked to healthy birth weight, just as it is with brain development. In one trial of pregnant women with goiters, a daily dose of 400mg of iodine was daily for 6-8 weeks to improve the condition caused by iodine deficiency. As a result, there was an overall increase in the birth weight of newborn babies.

While consumption can affect a baby’s birth weight and development, it is worth noting that the study mentioned above focused on mothers who were already deficient in iodine (4).

Unless a professional has determined that you are iodine deficient, taking extra supplements for iodine isn’t likely to affect your baby’s weight at birth. Unnecessarily consumption of iodine can cause health issues.

Boosts Energy Levels

If you don’t consume enough of this mineral daily, you won’t have as much energy as you would normally. This is because it helps your thyroid function properly, which plays a key role in whether you feel energized and ready to go or drowsy and in need of more rest.

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What Happens If You Are Deficient?

Deficiency in this mineral can also cause problems in the thyroid, high cholesterol, motor skills, fatigue, and weight gain. People with long-term deficiency can face obesity and infertility as well. Your doctor can order a test if you want to know about your levels.

Is Iodine Harmful?

If you are consuming too much iodine, then it can be harmful.  Too much of this mineral can cause symptoms such as an enlarged thyroid gland. The recommended upper limit for adults is 1100 mcg which is extremely high and can be harmful. Consult your doctor or health care provider before consuming any supplementation, especially if you are already taking any medicines or if you consume foods that are high in this mineral. It’s always better to increase your levels through diet than using supplements.

Final Thoughts

Iodine is incredible for your whole body, but it’s especially important for your skin and thyroid. Some of the best ways to use this mineral are:

  • Topically as a skin cleanser, by applying it directly to your hands
  • Topically to clean minor cuts and scrapes
  • Orally to support your thyroid
  • In your water for added protection

This mineral is something that people have always struggled to get from food alone. Only certain foods have it naturally. But if you can get enough, then your whole body will thrive. Many people suffer from low levels of iodine without knowing it’s what’s causing several of their health issues.

Here are 11 reasons you need iodine...

  1. This mineral is incredibly important for your thyroid gland
  2. This mineral is great for keeping your hands clean
  3. This mineral lowers your chances of getting goiters
  4. It helps with brain development
  5. It supports cognitive function
  6. It’s used to make several key hormones
  7. You’ll gain weight more easily if you’re not getting enough
  8. This mineral can be used to clean minor cuts and scrapes
  9. This mineral supports your cellular health
  10. It’s used to create hormones that support your bone health
  11. It can be used in a variety of emergencies

This mineral is one of the most well-documented natural health remedies in the world with more than 105,000 scientific articles exploring its impact on human health…

The National Institute of Health recommends people get at least 150 mcg of this mineral per day. Can you guarantee that you’re getting that much from your diet day in and day out?

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To your Health!


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